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The Perfect Shampoo

The Perfect Shampoo

   Experience complete relaxation during a full scalp massage treatment. Drift into serenity while experiencing the luxury of the shampoo and conditioner suited perfectly for you and your hair. 

 We indulge every hair service client with the Perfect Shampoo at Lankford & Lankford Professional Salon. 

Nails and Toes!

Beautiful Healthly Nails

At Lankford & Lankford Professional Salon, our goal is to provide a relaxing Nail maintenance treatment. Our environment and tools are properly sanitized each and every time a client visits our salon. We scrub, sanatize and steam autoclave (steralize) our instruments to ensure you are receiving the safest manicure and pedicure possible.

Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Relaxation has never been easier.  Whether it is a full body massage you seek, or a professional skin care treatment, our staff will pamper you into tranquility.  

Welcome to Lankford & Lankford

The Salon

Lankford & Lankford Professional Salon was established in 1999 by Mel and Sheila Lankford. We provide a high level of attention to our services and are considered to be an elite salon, nestled within easy reach of the city's northern side. We offer treatments with flair and style because we have always been a business that focuses on  "Customer First Service".

Our Beginning

Mel began his career in the beauty industry in 1976. The corporation was formed in 1989, a few short years after the marriage of Mel and Sheila.  This entire Lankford & Lankford team has established life-long clients and even international clients because of their dedication to service and custom treatments.

Training and Education

Mel and Sheila continue to strive for excellence by pursuing their craft through dedication, education and training.  Their ethics are shared with the entire Lankford & Lankford staff of experts, each perfecting their own personal crafts.   This has kept the Lankford's on the forefront of the industry.

Our Future

Lankford & Lankford Professional Salon will continue to grow and maintain a level of excellence like no other in our state. We believe in mutual respect, cooperation and a standard of excellence. Therfore we are committed to work effectively with harmony and unity. Our promise to continually follow our educational journey will enable us to provide a professional salon image emphasizing cleanliness and excellent "Customer First Service". Call us today to schedule an appointment or consultation. We can't wait to see you!

Our Experts

Mel Lankford

Mel Lankford

The master stylist of Lankford & Lankford with over 30 years of training and experience. His high expectations in salon service have set the standards for Lankford & Lankford.

Sheila Lankford

Sheila Lankford

In comparison with other estheticians, skin care has never been so easy. She maintains a more natural approach to skin care while customizing each service to the needs of every individual.


Dawn Tucker

Mel’s first apprentice, she has been an integral part of defining what makes Lankford & Lankford special. Always reinventing what it means to give a haircut, she settles for nothing but perfection.


Bethany Riisoe

Modern and edgy, but never neglecting the traditional, bests describes her style. Trained as a Keune color specialist, she enjoys bringing you up-to-date without compromising the integrity of your hair.

Sara Jane Brackenbury

Sara Jane Brackenbury

If you are looking for a therapeutic or a healing massage, we have just the touch. Sara offers the most exquisite massage services to heal your mind, body and soul.

Salon Talk


Bethany Rissoe came to us just out of barber school and has put up with us for the past decade.  She has grown into an awesome stylist and an even better friend.  Being shy is one of her sweetest attributes although it makes building a clientele quickly very hard.  Those who come to her stay with her.  She is very kind, loving and cares deeply for her clients.  She is also an avid animal lover... read more

Recent News

Joey Perez

We are so excited to have added Joey Perez to our family.  Specializing in relaxation and your nail health, Joey has a talent with manicures and pedicures.  Schedule your appointment today!


From Our Clients

I've have curly hair and Mel knows how to cut to maximize my curls.  I've also had Mel do a brazillian treatment on my hair and loved the silky smooth results.  No matter what style I decide to go with, Mel is the only one I trust with my hair, and I love the shampoo treatment. Thanks Lankford & Lankford.

Lankford & Lankford is the best! Mel is my stylist and he knows what to do and how to do. He's constantly training for new techniques and is different than any other stylist I've ever been to because he cares. I won't ever go to anyone else. Sheila does my facials, my manicures and my pedicures. She is the reason my feet look so good all the time. Thank you Sheila. My... read more

4301 NW 63rd, Suite 204
Oklahoma City, Ok 73116

t: 405.848.8424
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Cancellations - A five hour cancellation notice is REQUIRED, or 50% of your appointment price will be due before your next service can be scheduled. We have our scheduling down to an art.  Should you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule and pay 25% of your missed appointment.

Returns - Un-opened retail products may be returned for full credit.  Opened retail will be charged a 50% restocking fee.  Return checks will be charged a $20 service fee.

Children - For the safety of clients' children, and for the convenience and comfort of clients in general, children will NOT be allowed in the salon unless they are the client and have a scheduled appointment.